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Welcome to Sagetopia!
Looking for a new beginning?
Hello friends, and welcome to the great land of Sagetopia!

Since the beginning of time the human race has been on the search for Heaven,
Paradise, Utopia, Iowa... Whatever you want to call it... For many it seemed like no
such place ever existed... UNTIL NOW!

That’s right my friends, there is now a place you can call home! You no longer have
to worry about your kids getting shot while playing outside. For once there is a place
that everyone can come together and live as one giant, loving family... That place is

A brilliant man with a wonderful dream formed Sagetopia. He dreamed was that one-
day the world would come together and become one giant family. We are not the
first to attempt to form a community as such… but we are the first to accomplish
such a goal! Never before has there been a place like Sagetopia, a place where
everyone is viewed equally in the eyes of our savior, Lord Saget.

In Sagetopia everything is free, for everything is shared my the entire community.
There is no war or hate, simply an ever-lasting flow of peace and love. In Sagetopia
every works together to achieve a great goal… that of spreading the word of Lord
Saget! Sound interesting? Well than, we welcome you and your family to come
check us out? We give daily, guided tours and are always willing to answer any
questions you might have. So feel free to contact us if you are willing to take a dive
into the world of Bob Saget!
Want to know more about Bob?