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Still Not Convinced...
Well than perhaps you should listen
to the stories of those who do believe...
I can't tell you how much e-mail I get every day from people who want to tell me how
Bob has changed their lives-- from those who felt lonely to those who needed
someone to look up to when things just couldn't get any worse-- from cancer
patients to children in South America... Everyone, it seems, has been touched in
some way by the great and all-powerful Lord Saget.

So it is here that I will share their stories...If you or anyone you know has come in
contact with our great savior or have your own miraculous story about how he has
in some way changed your life, please e-mail me so that I may add you to the
ever-expanding list of believers.
The Believers
Hi Bob, I know that youíre a wonderful people... Also youíre a beautiful man, but I know you of
series TV, here in Brazil "Full House", Iíve been now looking in your site and think: "Iíll say,
hello!!! Why not?" So, "hello, Bob!"

Every day I watch the series... I love all actors, but you...very
Nice!!! Very, very nice!!!

Here I used to do paints...or whiten. So...good luck in your way!!! Stay with the stars and the
universe around for you!!!

Very and very kisses,

Lena Alves

This was one of the first e-mails I got, as you can see, a lot of people think I am the Lord Saget himself... I
only wish!
omg this is the greatest thing. What do you mean your meeting him?? Where? Have you met
him before? How old are you? Are you a boy or girl?

I AM SO HAPPY that I found someone who shares my excitement!!! ahh I love this!! And Iím
happy I am accepted into the church of Saget.

Ok, so it sounds like they are 12... But even at such a young age they realize the power of lord Saget!

                  Love always, me

now thatís devotion!
why are you so freaking cool!! You are by far my hero... Next to the sag man of course!! Do You
want to have my children! I was saving myself for bob... But You will Do just fine!!

If only I had a dollar for every time I got e-mail like this... Iíd have at least 5 bucks!
All of these years, I thought I was alone. A friend directed me towards your website and my
heart was lifted once more. Thank You for spreading the word.
-A Grateful Follower

trust me, itís my pleasure!       
I can't thank You enough for making me realize our one true lord is Bob Saget.  I've been living
in sin for far too long.

Got to love it!
I don't know where You Got this, But thank You. This is the best thing that I have ever seen.
Thanks again. Oh my god or should I say oh my BOB! Bye

please don't use the lord's name in vain!
Hey!! Bob Saget my king and my love. He is my hero. I want to have his babies.  I just thought I
would let You know

I think we all want to have Bob's babies!
Are You a descendant of Saget?....... Because You are godly for setting up this web page.  Now I
have a second pace to go to worship god.......

Thank You, son (daughter) of God for making my life complete.

Peace. Vote for Bob

maybe in 2008 my friend!
I must thank You. You're web site has taught me so much about our lord and savior and it would
be wrong not to help You in any way I can.

This makes me want to cry... Such devotion...
Hello, My name is Ethel and I am 72 years young. I live in Edinburgh, Scotland and I have been
following our Lord's career since it began. He is my hero and my idol. The Church couldnít  help
me w/ my battle with Cancer, But Lord Saget gave me reason to live. And Hope. I never had any
family, so I have no relatives to give my money to when I die. The Lord Bob Saget has given me
so much joy over the years, I would like to donate the majority of my estate to your wonderful
Church. Too make This possible could You send be your address or phone number so my
lawyer can contact You after I part from This world.

Thanks Much
And Bob Bless You.

Now If that's not devotion... I don't know what is!
I urgently need salvation so please refer me to the savior that is the one and only, Bob Saget.
Please make up the doors for my poor lost soul and let me grasp for the pure, ever-shining
spirit: BOB. Regards

consider yourself saved my friend!
I was just searching the Internet one day for pictures of Bob Saget, when I happened to come
across your magnificent site! I agree with You entirely. Especially when You stated: (BOB = 3
LETTERS)  X  (GOD = 3 LETTERS) = LORD Saget I can't believe I've found someone else in the
world with the same interest as I. I'm so thankful to have found your site =)
...I just want to thank You. Thank You for your wondrous inspiration and the belief that Bob
Saget is indeed God.

Hey, what can I say... Iím inspired by his greatness!
Convinced... Then Join The Church of Saget
Still not Convinced... Read The PROOF!
Take a trip to Sagetopia

Bob Saget is god. I swear he is. He is soooooo hot!!! And I Love him soooooo much. He is
gorgeous I mean who is hotter then Bobby Saget?? NOONE THATS WHO!! I will Love Robert
Lane Saget until the day I die, and one day I will meet him I vow this to you!!!!!!!!!!! I need to be in
this fan club!!  

Welcome aboard my friend!
Amen to all that is Holy. Bob Saget is my savior, I would love to help you spread the word of our
beautiful Lord.

You got to love this type of devotion!
I must admit that your evidence of "Lord Saget" is quite startling. After many moments of trying
to deny this myself, I found that there is no way to deny the great power and holiness Bob
Saget. Thank You for opening my eyes.
       Saget Bless You...

Classic confession.. Simply beautiful!
You are so right... I'm a student at Vassar College, and he just finished a performance here
about 15 minutes ago.  It was the greatest thing I've ever seen.  Last weekend I saw George
Carlin, and Bob blew him out of the water.  Not only is he the most underrated actor/comedian
of all time, he is indeed God.  I'm so glad This site exists to spread the gospel that is Saget.

-Dan R.

Iím glad You were able to be in the presence of our great leader... It's an amazing experience!
I just want to say that I was so lost until I came across your site.  I have always loved Bob, But
Now I can see that he is God! Anyways we have found some more proof proving that Bob Saget
is God.  Ok catch This one slugger.... On America's Funniest Home Videos he talks thought
other people in the video clips.  He has the power to talk through others and to make them
preach his gospel of love.  Anyhow he is awesome, man.  Peace out my man!!!
-Rod Sagnet

thanks for bringing that to our attention!
As a loyal follower of Bob Saget all my life I recently found myself in the dark.  Confused.  
Anxious.  Worried.  I didn't know in what direction my life was headed.  I did my best to search
for the lord and follow him in his path of righteousness.  But nothing.  Not until I stumbled upon
This website.  I have finally found the answer to all of my questions.  It is him, Bob Saget.  The
man that can guide me out of the dark and towards the light.  Your website is incredible, I
enjoyed it thoroughly.

If that doesn't bring a smile to your face... Well than Youíre probably dead...
I want to join the Church of Saget!!! Please! I beg of You, let me join! It took me hours of tedious
work, But I finally understand!!! The math problem Bob x god = LORD Saget makes perfect sense
Now!!! I feel so enlightened! Please respond ASAP!!!
                                                                 AVE SAGETANAS!
                                                                 HAIL Saget!
See... Math is power!